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ForecastingUsing artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve forecasting is one of the most promising applications of AI for businesses, be it for demand, production, sales, weather.
Predictive MaintenanceAs industrial assets age and cost of unplanned shut-downs rise, the need to be able to predict the failure of an asset is becoming more and more pronounced.
Natural Language ProcessingHuman interaction will continue to be the driving force for growth of many businesses. NLP enables businesses to keep track of, facilitate and analyze thousands of customer interactions to improve their product or service.
Customer AnalyticsIncreasing amount of customer related data, the move towards omnichannel customer interaction and the expectation of more personalized experiences and offerings is both enabling and making it necessary to use AI.
OptimizationWith competition and costs on the rise, optimization not only decreases operational costs, but also enables revenue growth.
Campaign ManagementAI not only helps marketers to estimate the impact of a new campaign before roll out, but also enables course-correcting campaigns faster, ending underperforming campaigns sooner and executing new ones that are more personalized and perform better.
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Wind Energy ForecastENERGY
Cash Supply Chain ManagementBANKING
Customer Lifetime Value PredictionGAMING
Predictive Maintenance INDUSTRY 4.0

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Cash Supply Chain Optimization
With cost of capital on the rise, this multinational bank was in need of a smart way to decrease the amount of dormant cash at their branches without jeopardizing customer satisfaction (i.e. running out of cash) and increasing Cash in Transit costs.
Tarentum developed a solution that used AI algorithms to forecast daily deposit and withdrawal amounts followed by optimization models considering operational constraints to produce the optimal instructions to be given to the Cash in Transit company.
  • 30% decrease in dormant Cash
  • Increased overnight interest income
  • Reduced insurance costs & risks
  • Optimized Cash in Transit (CiT) costs
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